Volunteering: Breastfeeding Buddy

23 Sep 2022

Meet Danielle, Team Lead, PSSC, Rushden

"I have worked for Kier Group for over eight years now. During my time here, I have worked in a variety of teams within the PSSC Department. Starting off as an Indirect Buyer, I then became a Helpdesk Assistant, which then led to my current role, Purchasing Support Team Lead."

Reason to Volunteer?

"I wanted to spend my volunteering time, learning all about breastfeeding! This is to help support other mums by becoming a Breastfeeding Buddy. After struggling to find support for myself within my community, I wanted to be able to help build the support network for mums who are struggling with breastfeeding."

How I spent my volunteer time?

"I spent my volunteering days mostly in training, learning about all aspects of breastfeeding and how to help anyone struggling with their journeys. I spent my time with Healthcare Assistants, Health Visitors, and other Breastfeeding Buddies."


"Being able to learn all about breastfeeding, will now enable me to offer support and guidance to other mums just like me! I will carry on volunteering for my local council in my own time - giving a bit back to the community, supporting a rapid growing area.

Being a team leader within Kier has helped me massively on this course. I was able to lead interactive sessions, help with IT issues and have already been able to apply some of the skills, that I have learnt from team leading.

I find this really rewarding and look forward to spending time in the clinic with mums, babies other like-minded volunteers."

“Volunteers are crucial to the NHS’s vision for the future of health and social care, as partners with our skilled staff, not as substitutes for them.

There are more than 300 types of roles in the NHS alone, providing challenging and rewarding opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. Some can be a one-off, like a hospital garden makeovers or fundraising. Others can last for months or even years, like running a hospital radio show, helping with administration in a hospice or taking part in advisory groups.”