Our Board Sponsor & Trustees

The charity board sponsor and trustees play a very important role in making sure the Foundation is run in the interests of the people it is there to support. The trustees meet four times a year, and on call when needed, they volunteer their time to strategically oversee the management and administration of the Foundation. 

Board sponsor – Andrew Davies, Chief Executive,
Kier Group

Chair - Ben Hayes
Head of Submissions
Kier Construction

Deputy Chair - Luke Brown
Pre Construction Cost Manager
Kier Construction

Dan Foley
Finance Shared Services Director
Kier Group

Kirstin Armsden
Head of Communications
Kier Transportation

Donna Howard
Head of Social Sustainability
Kier Transportation

Adrian Petticrew
Head of Commercial (NI)
Kier Natural resources, nuclear and networks

Nikki Watkins
Social Sustainability Manager
Kier Natural resources, nuclear and networks

Jaime Tham
Company Secretary
Kier Group

Demi Hawkes
Personal Secretary to Sector Leads
Kier Property